In the classroom this week.

This week we studied the letter P and enjoyed decorating them with beads. This week we had fun decorating a gingerbread train. Winter nature table. Each week in December we will study different themes including crystals, plants, and animals. This week we studied crystals and started growing our own crystals. We broke open geodes to…

Exploring the Outdoors

This week we found ice outside as walked in the forest. Everyone enjoyed exploring the change in the forest as the temperatures changed.    

This week at Cairn Hill Preschool

In math we started working on patterns: this week we are using shapes and colors to follow a sequence. The children loved to guess what comes next and could see how a pattern unfolds. In science we are studying hibernation: we explored why squirrels collect nuts for winter and where different animals go during the…

This week in the classroom

In the classroom we have been working on the letter N. Here, Cheryl is guiding the formation of the letter N with string and blocks. In math we are studying measurement, measuring our heights and our favorite toys. We have been using these number cards to count and learn about patterns in nature. In story time,…

Making a Bird House

This week in science we learned about simple tools used to build a bird house: hammers, nails and screws. The children were excited to use real tools to hammer the nails in, and see how the pieces become a little house.

Thanksgiving Poems

This week I asked the children what they love. I put together some of the words they said in a collective poem. There is so much to be thankful for in this world. I am grateful to spend the day with such incredible children at Cairn Hill Preschool. Things we are thankful for… Birds, trees,…

Cairn Hill Celebration this past Sunday

We had a nice celebration this past Sunday with friends, family, board members and supporters of Cairn Hill Nature Preschool. We enjoyed cake and refreshments and shared our progress thus far. Margaret announced that Cairn Hill has been offered a matching grant for $25,000. Thank you all for coming and supporting Cairn Hill.

Science Lesson Outside

This week we continued our lesson on pulleys and made a pulley outside. The children loved working together to pull the heavy load up.

Thanksgiving Projects

This time of year is a great opportunity to talk about family traditions and celebrations. We read books about thanksgiving and its significance. We made turkeys using our hand prints and pasting feathers to them. Next week we will make a list of what we are thankful for and what we love.

Play time, snack and story time

After play time we have our snack; Wednesday is Bun Day. Setting the table for snack is a fun and satisfying chore. We sing a song before we eat out food: Give thanks to the mother Gaia, Give thanks to the Father Sun, Give thanks to the plants in the Garden with the Mother and the…

Exploring Nature this week

Outdoors, we looked at what kinds of animals live in trees, and shared tea on cold days. We talked about our golden rules outside to be safe and have fun with our friends, some of which are: we stay on the trail and behind the teacher; we don’t pick berries and leaves, which stay on…