October at Cairn Hill

This beautiful Fall weather has been an incredible start to the year. We have been studying compost, soil, the Fall season and the letter B these past two weeks. We have been exploring the woods and have discovered some interesting bugs.   Advertisements

Stories in the Fall

We started this season with the story of the Hungry Dragon. Last week the children heard a simple, seasonal story about a pumpkin patch to learn about different animals that live in the pumpkin patch and what they do in the Fall.   Over in the pumpkin patch in the cool Autumn Sun. Grows a…

Studying the Letter D

We have started our second letter, D, and are using creative ways to explore the letter in our everyday life and in books we read.

What are we studying?

We are studying the letter T in an experiential and practical way through movement, drawing, singing, building, and listening to books with the letter T.   Science Lesson: What is in soil? What is it made of, who lives in soil? We are exploring the forest floor and the different creatures that live there.